mrs. neal's not-so-conventional MEDITATION [CLASS] for TEENS...

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Withhold not good from them to whom it is due,
when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.

– Proverbs 3:27


What began on a mountain back when I was a kid in the 60s, took root and began to grow following “The Vision” — and then blossomed in the 90s.

I had begun working as a substitute teacher at a vocational high school in West Central Ohio late in 1989. As a graphic artist and designer by vocation, I substituted primarily in the graphic arts program.

As the owner of a small graphic design and production business, I also served on the graphic arts program’s advisory board, and as a judge for their intramural and intermural skills competitions — at both the local and state levels.

When I could work it into my schedule, I would come into the graphic arts lab on occasion to work with students on my own time — mainly because I enjoyed the energy of these kids, and I could see their potential, even if they couldn’t. I found it nourished my soul to spend time with these young people and help them to discover their talents.

— ♦ —

The Introduction Of Meditation To Students

I began teaching meditation to teenagers in the fall of 1994. I had replaced an instructor in the graphic arts program for a semester, assisting the other program instructor in teaching both the junior and senior classes.

One day, the students asked about the source of my creativity — what I did when I had to create a logo, or brochure, or ad, or whatever, for a client if I wasn’t feeling very creative. I explained the concept of meditation as a tool to tap into creativity on a subconscious level (more on that in chapter 17).

Those graphic arts students were very interested in the concept, and pushed me to share the art of meditation with them — they asked if I would teach them how it worked.

Since teaching meditation in a school environment was a bit beyond the realm of “normal” at that time, I asked for permission from the supervisor of the program to go forward with a basic meditation class. After explaining in detail what the class would cover, and what I would teach, the supervisor gave me his blessing.

I then taught my first meditation class to teens.

— ♦ —

Over the next several years, I was asked to substitute in almost all areas of the school, and on an almost daily basis; I had gotten to know a lot of the students because I was in so many different areas of the school.

 Interest in my program increased greatly following that first meditation class. Students talked to their friends about this “very cool thing Mrs. Neal can do,” how it was “SO not conventional!” and that it was just for them (not for grown-ups).

They talked to a few of their other teachers about the experience with great enthusiasm, those teachers talked to each other, and they all talked to me.

Fortunately, there were some very enlightened and progressive teachers at that school. As a result, I began presenting the class to students school-wide at the request of those enlightened and progressive teachers. When one of those teachers needed someone to sub for them, they would request me, and would often ask that I present my program to their class.

I was asked to do quite a few presentations at the school for a number of classes and organizations, including the students and staff who were involved in Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), the medical and health program students who were studying alternative health practices, and some after-school programs. I also taught my program to students in several of the academic programs, including a Business Leadership class that had a stress management unit as part of its curriculum, and a Senior English class seminar workshop.

As a side note here, my program was voted as one of the top six choices out of the 250 possible topics for seminars the Senior English class wanted to be able to attend at their workshop.

— ♦ —

Over time, these wonderful students came up with a name for my program, dubbing it “mrs. neal’s not-so-conventional meditation class for teens.”

This “not-so-conventional” meditation class has grown over the years into a full, multi-lesson program. Each lesson has been developed as the result of students’ questions, requests, curiosity, and eagerness to learn — and from my passion to give students healthy tools to use in their lives.

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A Few Years PassOne Thing Leads To Another…

What I had discovered was that students were hungry for this knowledge; they had lots of questions, and wanted to learn more and more about this meditation program I had been teaching, and the ways it could help them in their lives.

One example:

Following one of my after-school presentations in the spring of 2003, a student came up to me and said that he wished I’d been around when he was locked up in an area juvenile detention center. He had been incarcerated there for a short time and commented, “I really wish I had known how to do this when I was locked up. It would have made it so much easier for me to deal with being there.”

His words stuck with me.

I spent several days meditating on his words. If I could do this with the kids at the school, why not share this gift with other kids, too?

I had discovered that this was a wonderful tool I could teach kids to use to help them to stay away from alcohol and drugs as paths of escape, and use something healthy and natural to raise their awareness of their environment, to learn to cope with their every-day struggles, and to think.

I contacted the juvenile detention center. After many months of meeting with the administration and explaining what it is I do, they agreed to let me come in periodically to teach the incarcerated youth.

I signed an agreement to follow the policies and procedures of the facility, and to maintain the confidentiality of the youth.

I then began teaching my program at the juvenile detention center. I had received approval for one class every few months; however, because the students enjoyed it so much — and they seemed to be getting so much out of it in a very positive way — the administration asked if I would be willing to come more often. It turned into an every-other-week class.

I have been volunteering at this facility every other Thursday ever since — teaching a one-hour class with the girls, followed by a one-hour class with the boys. Each class includes emphasis on personal responsibility, the mind-body connection, and ways students can use meditation.

This experience led to my teaching at another location a few months later. Several boys had moved from the detention center to a court-ordered youth center, and wanted to continue with my classes. They asked the staff at the youth center to request that I come there to teach, which I gladly agreed to do. About once a month, I go out to see “my kids” at this youth center.

— ♦ —

I Love The Phrase, “…And A Child Shall Lead Them…”

Because kids like to talk, word spread about my meditation program, and I soon began teaching at other locations, including several youth centers, schools and a couple of churches.

In 2005, one of my students at the juvenile detention center suggested that I record a CD so he and others could practice meditation when they went home and I wasn’t there to guide them. He told me that he could follow along in class when he could hear my voice guiding him, but he had a hard time trying to do a meditation on his own because he kept forgetting how to do it.

After much prayer and meditation, I decided to put a CD together — for my kids. I began by getting input from the students, and deciding what I would include. I sought out the help of a local musician who composed the music for the CD and produced the recording for me.

After recording the first demo, I played it for my girls at the JDC and had them critique it. It was their idea to split it into two tracks — the “Mommy Lectures” and the meditation itself — with their comment, “No offense, Mrs. Neal, we don’t want to have to listen to the Mommy Lectures every time we listen to your CD.”

It took about a year of research and hard work, but I did it!

To date, hundreds of these CDs have been handed out to kids who are in court-ordered programs — at no cost to them.

— ♦ —

PS.  Because students hounded me to put the guided meditation online, it now can be found at my websites, my facebook page, and on you tube!  Check this site for details...


...AND NOW, A Book — Just For You!

One main goal of my program is to give students something to think about.

Meditate = TO THINK

And so it is with this book: a lot of information to make you think— the same information I present in my classes — all intended to help you understand your self: your physical self, your mental self, your spiritual self.

By having this understanding of who you are, and then applying the techniques of meditation I teach in class — or modifying these techniques to what will work for you — you can learn to reduce your stress, deal with your emotions, solve your problems, achieve your goals, change your habits, and yes, even learn more about prayer!

So, because you have asked for it, here is a book filled with the lessons I have been teaching for years.

I would like to point out that you will see some things repeated throughout the book; let’s call that a clue — it just might be something that’s important and worth repeating.

You will notice, too, that I have added a few pages throughout the book for you to take notes, or to write down your own thoughts and ideas. Make this book your own!

By the way, if you see a word you don’t understand, grab a dictionary and look it up!

Kids, this book is designed for YOU, to give you the tools you need to find your own personal way to meditate.

It is my hope that you will use this book to help you to find the method that works best for you, and that you will make meditation a part of your daily routine!

I continue to plant the seed of light…



My goal always has been to put this book into the hands of my students, not to make tons of money.  The way publishing is designed, the publisher is the one who is making most of the money on this project, not me.  I needed to find a way to achieve my primary goal, and make this available to my students.

They love my book.  I am constantly being asked how and where they can buy a copy.  For some, the cost is too high (not my decision; the publisher set the price).

Because I wanted my students to have easy access to the book, I decided to put it online.  Now, they can read it anytime they want — for FREE!



My book is available for sale!

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A couple of places in this area also have copies for sale:

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